Bernanke Takes Stage At Jackson Hole Federal Reserve Conference

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 20, 2009 5:28 pm

Finally the Worlds decision makers have got something right!  The Kansas City Federal Reserve’s yearly conference at one of the coolest ski resorts in the world, Jackson Hole starts Friday with Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke reflecting on lessons learned over the last year since they met at the same place that is home to Jeremy Jones, Lynsey Dyer and the worlds most rockin tram!

Bernanke speaks at 10 AM Mountain Time and will have an audience of extremely powerful open eared people.  Last year the conference was on the heals of Lehman Brothers ceasing to be Lehman Brothers.  This year with some countries like France, Germany and Japan having pulled out of recession, there is a tad bit more optimism.

Well lets hope Jerry Blann and company have the place looking sharp and can get a bunch of those guys to come back this winter and do some serious skiing after Jackson Hole saves the world tomorrow!