Great Mountain Spa Getaways

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 21, 2009 9:43 am

So you’ve been seeing this guy/gal for a little while now. Everything


going well. She (to avoid having to write he/she, him/her, guy/gal etc. every 5 freakin’ lines, let’s just say the subject of the story is a dude, k?) seems like a chill girl who thinks you’re somewhat attractive and doesn’t mind the vintage comic book collection lining your bedroom walls. You want to do something special for her. Can’t think of anything original? OK, well, what do you both have in common? You both like mountain sports, OK, good…what else? Dude, don’t pretend like you don’t love a massage and spa just as much as she does. Now that you’ve admitted that, it seems you’ve found your perfect, original vacation. Take her to a spa in the mountains! Here’s a list of some great mountain resort spas that will leave you relaxed, rejuvenated, and in the good graces of your new lady friend. 






Located in the gorgeous desert of San Pedro de Atacama (about a 2 hour flight from Santiago) lies this serene and unique getaway. The resort’s slogan is: get dirty/get clean/get rested/have fun/be happy. That pretty much sums up this place. It’s designed to make you work your body and see the sights during the day and then come back to the hotel and be pampered like a king in the spa. They offer several excursions during the day, in car (for those who don’t want to work their bodies), on bike, on foot, or on horse (for those who’d rather work an animal’s body). The trips range in difficulty and physical strain and give you access to some of the most intensely gorgeous sights Chile has to offer. Then, when you get back from the day trip, Uma awaits. Uma is the hotel’s heavenly delicious spa. Here’s what their website has to say about it: “Uma is the Aymara word for water. Water is a source of life, of revitalization. We hope that our Uma Spa at Tierra Atacama will provide you with the revitalization, personal luxury and rejuvenation you seek. Our Uma hostess will welcome you with slippers and robes and show you to the dressing areas. There is an outdoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi and an indoor heated pool. The indoor pool has water jets, beds of bubbles

and other playful features. The Uma steam room or Turkish bath is lovely after a day in the dry air of the desert, and our dry Finnish sauna wipes away stress as it warms the m

uscles. The tranquil rooms for massages, facials and body treatments are quiet and inviting. We’ve

also set aside pretty spaces for meditative relaxation where rica rica herbal tea and cold cucumber water are served. The light comes in the windows at just the right quantity and with a wonderful view of the land outside”. Yes, this place is a guaranteed brownie point earner.







The Red Mountain Spa is located near St. George, Utah. Not familiar with St. George? If you like to go out and be one with the mountains, you should know about this place. Hike, walk, jog, climb, swim–your options are endless. Here’s some more info: “Red Mountain Resort & Spa near St. George, Utah is surrounded by mountains, canyons, and the setting for infinite outdoor and fun recreational activities. Nearby Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon draw outdoor sports enthusiasts year round. Framed by towering cliffs and red rock formations at the entrance to Snow Canyon State Park, Red Mountain offers an amazing selection of quality activities for fitness enthusiasts, in addition to all the pampering, luxury and relaxation you expect from a full-service resort and spa. Enjoy indoor and outdoor pools and a long list of scheduled daily activities. In and around the resort are trails for walking, hiking, biking and climbing, as well as the premier Ledges Golf Club. If you have a love for outdoor activity and beautiful scenery, you are a perfect candidate for Red Mountain Resort & Spa. Our Sagestone Signature Treatments are inspired by health, wellness, and beauty rituals that are practiced in the diverse cultures of the world, crafted with desert botanicals, mineral rich muds, clays and salts, handcrafted essential oils, rich body butters, lotions and balms and other indigenous ingredients. Our treatments feature products ranging from the rain forests of Brazil, the use of which serves to prevent deforestation and preserve biodiversity to salt and clay from the state of Utah and the precious Resurrection Plant found in the Arizona desert. Try Sagestone’s Signature Treatments and be a part of our unique spa adventure”. Yes sir. Will do.







Planning a ski trip to Telluride this season? When you’re done pounding your body on the slopes (maybe that’s just me), drive an hour or so over to the town of Dolores and visit the Dunton Hot Springs Resort. This place will blow your mind. Here’s a taste: “We have brought a beautiful, historic corner of Colorado back to life. Just across the mountain from Telluride, Dunton Hot Springs Resort is a romantic ghost town, set in an extraordinary alpine valley. How wonderful to find this carefully renovated paradise, providing uncompromising service, absolute comfort, with real mountain adventures. Our resort offers a variety of day and overnight packages, and the entire town can be rented exclusively for corporate retreats, family reunions and weddings”. You want to really escape the hustle and bustle of things? This is where you want to go. Dunton prides itself on contradictions—kill yourself exercising in the mountains, and then come back and get a massage, or soak in the natural hot springs for a couple hours. Nestled in the heart of the San Juan Mountains in the Colorado Rockies, you can imagine what’s waiting for you outdoors. Hey, the resort even has a chapel if you decide to take your budding relationship to the next level…hmm I wonder how many dudes just stopped reading…







Who doesn’t love skiing in BC? There’s something special about a winter in Canada. The snow is crisp, clean, and has a certain type of cold we don’t always feel here in the States. If you want to really bring out that cold, mix it with a natural Canadian hot spring. The two go together like peas and carrots (thanks Forrest). Here’s what you have to look forward to when you book a few nights at Ainsworth: “The Hot Springs feature a unique horseshoe cave, where the Hot Water first comes in. It comes into our systems at about 117 F degrees and we have to cool it to average 42 C, 114 F before it enters our caves. The mineral waters fall from the caves roof and forms into a pool about waist deep, providing a natural steam bath. Stalagmites and Stalactites form everywhere. The main lounging pool temperatures average about 35 C / 96 F. Gallons of Hot Mineral Water flows through our pools, changing the water naturally about 6 times a day. For the brave we also offer a streamfed cold plunge which temperature varies with the seasons”. Excellent. Perfection. 







This delectable treat is located in the beautiful June Lake, California. That’s just 20 miles north of Mammoth Lakes folks. It’s right in the middle of June Mountain, a great ski and snowboard locale in its own right. You’re also just 12 miles from the entrance to Yosemite National Park. Man, could this place be in a better location?? You obviously won’t have problems keeping busy outside here…but can they pamper you and your girl in the way your spoiled butt has come to expect? Well, my friend, welcome to The Creekside Spa at the Double Eagle Resort: “This magnificent destination resort combines the tranquility of a rustic retreat with an incredible world-class spa. The spa experience begins the moment you arrive and continues throughout your stay, revitalizing body, mind and spirit. Amenities include a 60-ft. indoor pool and co-ed whirlpool, treatment rooms with fireplaces, men’s and women’s Eucalyptus steam rooms, locker rooms & whirlpools”. They have massages AND body therapies (not really sure what the difference is, but it must be good!), and not to mention facials, waxings, manicures/pedicures etc. What doesn’t this place have? 







We now venture out into farther mountains, as we head to Bormio, Italy for an excursion unlike any other. The Bagni Vecchi Spa in Bormio is one of a kind. Oh man. You are right in the middle of the mountains here. Actually, you’re in the Stelvio National Park, about a mile and a half from Bormio. This means you’re right by Alta Valtellina, the only alpine resort with snow and water 12 months a year. When you get back from the mountain, an incredible Italian spa experience awaits you: The Spa “includes various types of saunas (dry, organic, flavored, with music, etc.). Numerous jacuzzis (localized and with different pressures), different types of turkish baths, rest rooms, panoramic rest rooms, color therapy, underwater music therapy, aromatherapy, waterfalls at different pressure, relaxation pools, a water wall, cascades of ice, Vichy shower, outdoor swimming pools and tanks, sludge dryer, outdoor wooden tubs, large sun terrace surrounded by elegant gardens, two unique panoramic swimming pools and the natural caves which lead to one of the springs in the heart of the mountain and much more … ” Yes, yes, and…yes.







Now let’s head to Austria for a mountain spa retreat you can’t miss. Aqua Dome is located in the heart of Langenfeld, Austria. Langenfeld isn’t lacking in ski spots. Gorgeous, epic runs in those mountains. At the end of day, head back to the Dome and take your pick from the Saunas, thermal pools, indoor spas, outdoor spas and more. A little history of the Langenfeld spa legacy for you: “Längenfeld looks back at a long tradition as a spa resort. It was first mentioned in the 16th century and for many years it was used as a spa. In the 70s, the thermal springs ran dry and Längenfeld remained relatively unkown for a while.This changed in 1986 when the Längenfeld Badl reopend and trial drillings took place. At a depth of 1,865m, hot spa water was found. This was the start of Aqua Dome”. We’re glad this place was rediscovered. Very glad.










“Mountain, stone, water – building in the stone, building with stone, into the mountain, building out of the mountain, being inside the mountain – how can the implications and the sensuality in the association of these words be interpreted, architecturally? The whole concept was designed by following up these questions; so that it all took form step by step”. Come on! Descriptions of resort spas don’t get any better than that! This place is tucked away in Vals, Switzerland (southwest Switzerland). This is the ultimate apres ski party kind of place. Romantic, unique, secluded…you’re really racking up these brownie points now man. The spa speaks for itself: “With the only thermal spring in Graubünden, the Therme Spa is a stunning landmark built from 60,000 stone slabs of Valser quarzite for you to luxuriate and rediscover the ancient benefits of bathing in. The combinations of light and shade, open and enclosed spaces and linear elements make for a highly sensuous and restorative experience. Below the pool deck is a wellness centre where you can have treatments focusing on relaxation and pampering”. OK, I’m sold. 






For our last mountain spa excursion, I’m taking you back to the good ol’ US of A. Santa Fe, New Mexico is our final destination, at the Japanese inspired Ten Thousand Waves Resort and Spa. So you’re in New Mexico, in a Japanese inspired spa, with great skiing in your backyard…sounds a little more interesting than your typical ski retreat. Lodging at Then Thousand Waves puts you 2 or 3 miles from the start of the Ski Santa Fe resort area. If you’re not familiar with the skiing in Santa Fe, it’s killer. You’re right in the middle of the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range. The summit at Ski Santa Fe is 12,075 feet (you’re looking at 1,1725 vertical feet of skiing) with 7 lifts and 72 runs. Once you’ve hit the 72 runs, it’ll be time to head back to the spa for some very enchanting treatment options. In addition to several types of massage available at this serene Japanese garden locale, they offer special longer spa treatments. My favorite is the Waves Spa Fusion, aka Nose to Toes. Here’s what you’ll get: “An extended Yasuragi head, neck and shoulder massage, exfoliation, Thai stretches, Shiatsu-do foot massage (done on the table), long lomi-lomi strokes”. When it’s time to make the trip up to the Pearly Gates, I hope the Nose to Toes massage is offered on the other side.