Expect Tons of Snow in California This Season!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 26, 2009 2:36 pm

The National Weather Service is reporting a warming trend in the Pacific Ocean–similar to the El Nino of 1996-1997. Remember what that winter was like? Storm after storm after storm. Made for some great snow in California. The one bad thing about it is that the storms sometimes bring a tropical flow with them, called the Pineapple Express (tee hee). The Express brings heavy rain and wet snow due to a layer of moisture that hovers over the Pacific from Hawaii to the coast of the mainland. Could be a bummer. But, let’s keep on the bright side: this would mean tons of snow for California and resorts staying open well into spring! Bring it on! If you want to read it from the source, here’s the scoop from the National Weather Service website: “A majority of the model forecasts for the Niño-3.4 SST index suggest El Niño will continue to strengthen. While there is disagreement on the eventual strength of El Niño, nearly all of the dynamical models predict a moderate-to-strong El Niño during the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2009-10. A strengthening El Niño during the next few months is also suggested by the recent westerly wind event in the western equatorial Pacific, which can lead to additional anomalous warmth across the central and east-central equatorial Pacific during the next two months. Therefore, current conditions and model forecasts favor the continued development of a weak-to-moderate strength El Niño into the Northern Hemisphere Fall 2009, with the likelihood of at least a moderate strength El Niño during the Northern Hemisphere Winter 2009-10″.