At Risk Youth Goes to 2010 Olympics Free of Charge

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 27, 2009 10:03 am

The Foundation for Global Sports Development (GSD) is a gem. The folks at the foundation are bringing 50 at-risk youths from the Boys and Girls Clubs

of San Francisco to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games free of charge. When K2 Sports heard about this, (the Seattle based ski and snowboard manufacturer) they decided to donate $35,000 in sporting goods including jackets, sleeping bags, water bottles, backpacks and more for all the kids. The idea behind bringing all the kids to the Olympics for free is to teach them about sportsmanship and playing with class. They wouldn’t have access to these sports at home, so this will really be a special time for them, and K2′s donation will make the experience all the more memorable and enjoyable. K2 Sport’s President Robert Marcovitch released this statement: “We’re about passion in sports, and the innovation that comes with it. So we’re pleased to help these kids find their own passions through Global Sports and make the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games the best experience possible.”