Rossignol Designs Enviro-Friendly Ski for Women

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 27, 2009 1:12 pm

Everyone loves Kermit, but being green just got a little easier: Rossignol recently introduced an environmentally-friendly ski for ladies. Called the Attraxion Echo For Life, the ski uses as little un-green materials as possible, and fewer petroleum-based products and lacquers than usual sticks.

The ski features a wood core and natural fibers, which being an old-schooler, is quite nice. Wood cores tend to be especially responsive. What’s awesome is that while these skis are efficient in their composition, they’re efficient in design, as well. In other words, ladies, you only need one pair in your quiver. (Less material, get it?) These puppies are made to take on the whole mountain—whether you’re into carving groomers or shredding between the trees. Like other Rossi’s, the Echos are built with the company’s women’s F.I.T. technology, which is designed to enhance lightness and maneuverability.

Easy on your feet, easy on the Earth. What more could a green girl ask for?