California Opens Garage & Finds No Skis?!?

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on August 28, 2009 11:04 am

It’s the Great Caifornia Garage Sale.  Over 6000 surplus state-owned items will be sold this weekend.  The big ticket items include an antique piano and a bunch of cars.  Perusing the list of items for sale at the Great California Garage Sale, well no wonder California is broke!   The state felt it necessary to purchase a surfboard?  Only one available at the garage sale, but there are 27 watches available.  Other crap, or excuse me, valuable stuff you can pick up on the cheap from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger:

1 tennis racket
1 sphygrmomanometer*
1 radar detector
2 Porche rims & tires
55 laptops
1 pair of jean shorts
1 golf club
5 fake plants
7 earrings
16 cubicles
2 axes

0 skis
0 snowboards

*free Ski Channel t-shirt to anyone who knows what this is…

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