Is There a Palin Divorce On The Horizon?

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 28, 2009 6:21 pm

Some are claiming it as fact and some are claiming it as fiction that the celebrity almost couple who nearly put dead moose antlers on the White House may or may not be headed for splitzville.  Todd Palin a decorated snowmobile rider and Sarah Palin the ex-Governator and moose killer have been massive subject matter for web bloggers and news pickers.

The National Enquirer stated unflinchingly that Sarah Palin had an affair with Todd Palin’s former business partner.  The two owned a snowmobile dealership together. said on August 1st that it was a done deal with the “Todd and Sarah Palin to Divorce” headline.  That article clamed that people up and down their posse’s all stated that it was fact.

That whole thing is so big that there are actually websites that basically just list the websites devoted to the Palin’s.  Is the real deal going to come out?  Why did she really quit?  All this is important to us, because this state basically manages some of the best skiing in the world. Does anyone out there really know what is going on?  Give us a tip!