How Lake Tahoe Girl Finally Escaped Captivity After 18 Years

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 29, 2009 3:14 pm

After 18 years of living in a makeshift compound behind her kidnapper’s house, South Lake Tahoe resident Jaycee Lee Dugard finally escaped her captors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido.  Now, details are emerging as to how Dugard, who was held captive less than 200 miles away from her ski resort hometown, was able to eventually go free.  This past Monday, Garrido took the two daughters he fathered with Dugard to UC Berkeley to distribute religious fliers.  A female cop on the campus was suspicious of him and the girls, and she asked him to return on Tuesday.  Before he returned, the officer, Lisa Campbell, ran a background check and saw he was a convicted sex offender.  

Although there was nothing legally she could do to hold him, she and her colleague, Ally Jacobs, called Garrido’s parole officer, who in turn called in Garrido for a meeting.  Garrido arrived with his wife, Nancy, Dugard, who he called Allisa, and their two daughters, where he finally admitted to the abduction.  Thanks to the work of those two officers, Dugard and her daughters are free and the Garridos are being held on 29 felony charges.