Mammoth Mountain Trims Tree Loss By Over Half For Village Ski Back Trail

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 29, 2009 2:28 pm

There is not a Mammoth Mountain skier who is not rejoicing at the thought of the Village Ski Back Trail that will be up and running this ski season at the Mammoth Mountain ski resort.  The village which is a beautiful set up, will likely be ignited by the fact that skiers can ski all the way down to the village from the mountain.  We calculated the distance of the trail and it comes in at just around 485 miles unless you cut through the neighborhood below the gondola which would shorten it to about 1200 feet.

I can already feel wind on my face from getting up to about mach 5 and then skiing that trail into the village, clicking out of my skis in front of the Lakanuki, and then walking in the door to hear Bryon Friedman performing while half of google’s senior managers are at the bar doing shots at the bar.

But anyhoo, the real reason for this story is that Rusty Gregory and Company have found a way to reduce the cutting down of trees from over 500 to under 200!  Very freakin cool! 

And speaking of Rusty Gregory, the chairman of the NSAA and CEO of Mammoth Mountain can be see this month on The Ski Channel during the Mammoth Invitational television show.  You actually get to see Rusty race.  And after watching him race, it is clear why he is the CEO.