Crested Butte Seeing Some Positive Real Estate Movement

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on August 31, 2009 10:24 pm

In the month of July, the great ski resort and incredible town of Crested Butte sold over $17 million in real estate!  Not too shabby.  Other ski areas in Colorado and Utah are starting to report similar results. 

Is there honestly a better place to buy real estate than the town with the orange bike program, a great new mountain village, the ice bar, Matchstick Productions, way cool Ken Stone, the airport, etc…

If you haven’t heard of the orange bike program (can you pretend there is a picture of one next to this story? I’m too tired to find one) it is the bomb. They have tons of orange bikes all over town and people can ride one and then just drop it off where ever they like.  You want to buy real estate there now, right?

Crested Butte also sold its first $2 million dollar house in a while in July.