Top Ten Facebook Groups For Skiers

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 31, 2009 12:00 pm

OK, OK, we’ve got 11 Facebook groups, here, and they’re in no particular order. We didn’t want to pick favorites, though we are a little partial to Tip Tail (see below). But here are some of the most informative, fun and useful Facebook groups for skiers. Social networking is good for something, right? And in this case, it’s never been better. (Hello weeked ride to Mammoth!)

Use Facebook to get the inside scoop on your favorite athletes and upcoming events, and connect with other skiers and fans like yourself. And if there are any groups that we missed that you especially enjoy, please let us know in the comments box below!


LET WOMEN SKI JUMP! Elite athletes deserve to be in 2010 Olympics

Premise: Help support the women ski jumpers in their quest to be included in the 2010 Olympic Games. (Currently, women’s ski jumping is the only female component of a sport not included.)

For You: Stay up to date on the latest news regarding the ski jumpers’ fight for Olympic inclusion, and have a vehicle to show your support.

Members: 2036 strong, and counting.



Premise: Find information about international ski racers and keep up to date on their goings on and results.

For You: Get connected to a global network of skiers, learn about international races and potentially make some fan friends. You can also get the inside scoop from the racers themselves.

Members: 8319 and growing


R.I.P. Shane McConkey

Premise: A global online forum providing the latest stories and posts about Shane. Group members have the opportunity to share their thoughts about the skiing legend.

For You: Connect with a huge network of fans who share your love and admiration for Shane. See special photos and watch videos posted by Shane’s friends, and honor him with your own posts.

Members: 23, 537



World Cup Dreams

Premise: Ex-Ski Teamers Bryon Friedman and Erik Schlopy joined forces with current U.S. Ski Team downhiller Scott Macartney to develop fundraising efforts for other athletes. The goal is to fund World Cup skiers in need of assistance, and also potentially help with medical and insurance needs.

For You: Stay up to date on World Cup Dreams events where you can meet and ski with U.S. Ski Team athletes. Events are in the works for Vail, CO and Park City, UT. And next summer the group will reconvene in Oregon for the annual Ski Team ski clinics, dinner and fantasy camp.

Members: 2150 to date


TIP TAIL: A Tribute to BALLET Skiing

Premise: You gotta love it. A global community where the third classic freestyle discipline also known as Acro still lives.

For You: Enjoy photos, watch videos, and help support the lost art of the original form of flips and tricks on skis. Suzy Chapstick eat your heart out. These folks were the real deal.

Members: 132



Get Well Cody Marshall

Premise: Stay up to date on U.S. Ski Team athlete Cody Marshall’s progress as he recovers from a traumatic brain injury.

For You: Learn about Cody’s progress and help support him and his family. Of course, connect with friends of friends, and be part of a positive movement.

Cody and his family are convinced that the abundance of support has helped speed his healing. So help to continue the progress by sharing your thoughts and good vibes with Cody.

Members: 1876 strong


1,000,000 Strong for Halfpipe Skiing in the 2010 Olympics

Premise: A push to show the IOC that half-pipe skiing has overwhelming support and should be included in the 2010 Olympic Games.

For You: The group didn’t meet their numbers goal, nor did halfpipe skiing get into the 2010 Games. But you can still join to show your support, learn about skier pipe goings on and connect with other fans. And as the group’s admin’s said, there’s always 2014.

Members: 38,307



Freestyle Skiers of the World

Premise: Stay connected with other ‘doggers and participate in an online freestyle forum.

For You: Support a movements of classic comebacks (there are a lot of old freestyle skiers signed on as members) and connect with others who like to go head over heels on skis. (Also, stay in the know about where the best powder or bumps can be found. These folks will tell you.)

Members: 460 and growing


The Offical FreeHeelLife on Facebook

Premise: Join top telemark skier Josh Madsen as he documents the ins and outs of ‘free-heel’ skiing, including big mountain AK descents and other powdery ventures.

For You: Get the inside scoop from the world’s best telemark skiers, learn about film screenings, online videos, festivals, competitions and more.

Members: 320


I Went to a Ski Academy

Premise: Did you go to a ski academy? If so, this group is for you. An open online forum to discuss the schools, post old photos, and share memories.

For You: Connect with other athletes and ‘reunite,’ if you will. If you didn’t go to a ski academy, joining will give you access to see what the country’s top skiers are up to. Several U.S. Ski Team athletes and alums were schooled at academies, including Bode Miller and his former coach, Forest Carey, the late Shane McConkey and at least half of the current Ski and Snowboard Team athletes.

Members: 1160


Lindsey Vonn Fan Page

Premise: OK, we’re cheating a little bit. Technically, this isn’t a group, but if you sign on as one of Lindsey’s fans, the super athlete will keep you posted on her whereabouts, results and latest goings on.

For You: Get the inside scoop from the living legend—herself. (And of course, also connect with the bevy of other fans, to discuss when you can watch Lindsey ski.)

Members/Fans: 7079