Battle of the Sexes: Who Performs Better on the Mountain?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 1, 2009 4:17 pm

Throughout our athletic history, men and women have never been regarded as equals. Well, pretty much throughout all of history that’s been the case, but for our purposes, let’s stick to sports. Actually, let’s stick to mountain sports. Be it skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, hiking, kayaking…why is it that boys and girls can’t play together? I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people would say men are generally “better” at these sports. But what does “better” mean? Faster? More agile? More aggressive? Riskier? What about grace? Finesse? Men are thought of as bigger and stronger, more aggressive and more willing to take risks. But does that make them “better” skiers? Perhaps it just makes them dumber skiers. I went around the offices of The Ski Channel to get the staff’s take on which sex performs better on the mountains, and why. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Zeke: “I mean, if a girl’s better than me, she’s probably a professional skier, or in ski films.  That’s why I love Lynsey Dyer. Girl is super hot and can huck a 60-foot cliff. In general though, girls just can’t hang. There’s a reason there are men’s and women’s divisions. Men are bigger, more aggressive, faster and more willing to take risks.”

Alexa: “Well, men may be faster and more crazy, but women are more graceful. And women who choose to participate in these more extreme mountain sports do have a sense of risk and craze or else they wouldn’t be doing it. It’s so frustrating when people just flat out say that men are better than women at sports. I mean, the playing fields aren’t level. We can’t be as big or strong in general. I’m sure Lindsay Vonn could beat most non-pro guy skiers, but still. Both sexes offer something different to the sport. I don’t know that you can say one is better than the other. They’re different.”

Jack: “Men are naturally more aggressive and take more risks. And, physiologically, they’re more muscular. The combination of more strength and more recklessness makes men more progressive in sports in general”.

Paul T: “Women are smarter about how to use their natural gifted abilities. I played volleyball in high school and used to watch the girls team because their technique was so much better than ours. They concentrated on form rather than looking good, like many men do. When I would go skiing with my family, I noticed the women had so much more grace in their turns. I don’t know about making them ‘better’, but it certainly made it more pleasing to the eye”.

Neil: “Both sexes are incredible. But, because mountain sports are power sports, I’d say men are better. Sports aren’t fair. When you’re talking about something that equates power with better, it’s just not fair. Yes, women can be more graceful, but grace can be learned. Power can’t. There are lots of things that women are way better at though”.

Paul A: “Women have wider hips which give them a more stable platform for balance. Biologically speaking, they should be better at any sport that relies on gravity and stability”.

Winston: “Men are better. Duh. Women are flexible, but then again so are men”.

John: “Women might be better at professional hot cocoa making. I mean, I make a pretty strong cup myself, but…”

Producer Kate offere

d one of the most thought provoking answers and really represented the women’s side well here: “How many times has the question been asked…by men? Consider the source. Research how many male writers have discussed and debated the athletic battle of the sexes. Why do men continue to deliberate over this matter? I will not plead the 5th, but rather, Samuel Chapter 17. David and Goliath. Women do not ask questions to which they know the answer. Women ask questions to further prove their stance to one another and/or men”.

Nice, Kate.

Finally I sat down with our CEO, Steve, and had a long, philosophical discussion about gender differences in mountain sports. He offered some enlightening food for thought on the subject that only a man of his stature could conjure up.

Steve: “I mean, guys are way better at everything”.

All joking aside (and the majority of these answers were jokes people, so please don’t send us hate mail—really, we’re joking), is it fair to say that just because men generally have more muscle and may be more prone to take risks that they’re better mountain athletes? For that matter, what makes a better mountain athlete? Care to enlighten us? Leave a comment and show up our half-witted staff.