Daughters of Lake Tahoe Kidnapping Victim Learn She Is Their Mother, Not Sister

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 1, 2009 2:27 pm

It has been a very tumultuous week for South Lake Tahoe resident Jaycee Lee Dugard and her family.  After over 18 years in captivity in a backyard compound less than 200 miles from her ski resort hometown, Dugard and her two daughters were released and reunited with her family.  Their captors, Phillip and Nancy Garrido, have been charged with 29 felony counts in relation to Dugard’s kidnapping and imprisonment. 

Now, Dugard and her daughters must readjust to a normal life outside of the backyard they lived in for so many years; in particular, her daughters must now face the reality of who their parents are:  Their father, Phillip Garrido, who they called “daddy” and is now in jail; and their mother, who they knew as their big sister.  Angel, who is 11, and Starlit, who is 15, will probably need years of therapy after learning about who their real parents were.  Dugard’s family is doing everything possible to keep them all out of the media and public spotlights.  They are currently at an undisclosed house that the FBI is guarding.