Mount Wilson Observatory Updates: Chief Powers “Another 100 Years” for Observatory

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 2, 2009 10:10 am

The story of the Station Fire has been one of destruction and tragedy.  The destruction is up above 140,000 acres now, with another 19,000 acres burning overnight.  The biggest tragedy has been the loss of two firemen, Capt. Ted Hall, 47, and firefighter specialist Arnie Quinones, 34.

But, amid all this bad news, the saving of the 101-year-old Mount Wilson Observatory would be wonderful news.  The historical observatory is not completely out of danger, yet, but reports this morning are filled with optimism.  Among them:

The Mount Wilson Observatory site (moved to Georgia State University’s server) Wednesday, 2 Sep 09, 9:19 am PDT – The situation on the mountain remains stable with very good prospects.

Tuesday, 1 Sep 09, 7:21 pm PDT – There are now 150 fire fighters on Mount Wilson. Not only are the crews from Calaveras County (Cal Fire) back up there, but there are Los Angeles County fire fighters and even a crew from Helena, Montana. They have eight engines equipped to spray fire retardant on structures in addition to the crew engines. Chief Powers told me this army of fire fighters is “not going anywhere. They are very hard working and talented people who will get the job done.”

The LA Examiner has a great map of the fire.  Check it here.

Timmothy Rutten of the LA Times wrote an excellent Op-Ed piece about the Mount Wilson Observatory.  Read it here.

The Station Fire is now 22% contained.  Higher humidity and lower temps have helped firefighters battle a fire now described as “cranky” rather than “angry.”

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