Wildlife Waystation Struggles to Save Exotic Animals from LA Fire

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 2, 2009 12:25 pm

In the vivid LA Times photograph above, animal trainers use water to cool off the American black bears Kachina and Cinnamon that were evacuated from the fire area yesterday. Volunteers began relocating the two bears, along with 400 other exotic animals, from the Wildlife Waystation on Little Tujunga Canyon after firefighters encouraged the evacuation.

The Waystation normally provides refuge, rehabilitation, and relocation for wild and exotic animals; however, the raging Southern California fires are making that task slightly more difficult. Volunteers began loading the agitated animals into trucks and trailers and are currently seeking temporary pet-friendly residences. The LA Zoo made room for some of the evacuated critters, like the chimpanzees and reptiles; but also had to evacuate zoo visitors after two of the chimpanzees escaped. The chimps have since been recaptured and are safely exploring their new home. 

While the Wildlife Waystation seems to be sufficiently staffed, the nonprofit sanctuary is still in need of significant funding to purchase relocation crates for the lions and tigers. Anyone willing and able to help can contact the sanctuary at (818) 899-5201.