Aunt of Lake Tahoe Kidnapping Victim Says ‘This is a Joyful Time’

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 3, 2009 11:58 am

The aunt of South Lake Tahoe kidnapping victim Jaycee Lee Dugard spoke to the media today, saying that Jaycee is reconnecting well with her family after her 18 years of captivity.  Tina Dugard has spent time with Jaycee and her mother, and says, “This is a joyful time for my family.  Jaycee remembers all of us.”  Jaycee was kidnapped at age 11, and had been kept in a backyard compound by alleged kidnappers Phillip and Nancy Garrido for over 18 years.  In addition to connecting with Jaycee, her family is also meeting her daughters who Garrido fathered, who are ages 15 and 11.  Everyone is said to be in good health.



Photo Courtesy of CNN