Mt Wilson Observatory “is going to be OK”: Station Fire Update

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 3, 2009 4:04 pm

Daily reports from the Mount Wilson Observatory Director Hal McAlister stopped yesterday and will not be updated until Sunday.  Mr. McAlister is currently up on the mountain and plans to stay there for a bit.  Also, the UCLA webcam that was broadcasting images of the Station Fire remains down.  There were issues with the T1 line and McAlister reported that it would likely be down for a while.

It was a remarkable turn-around in fortune for the 105-year-old observatory.  On Monday night, word from the U.S. Forest Service was not good.

The LA Times called the prospect of firefighters saving the Observatory as “slim at best.”  On Monday afternoon firefighters were ordered off Mt. Wilson as dueling fronts of the first approached.

But, conditions changed (slightly) for the better and Tuesday, firefighters were able to return to the Observatory.  Their return came with big reinforcements, as a massive aerial assault began.  

It was touch-and-go, but by Wednesday afternoon, word from LA Country Fire Inspector Edward Osorio sounded like music.  “We’re pretty confident.  Mr. Wilson is going to be OK.”


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