A Thousand Words: Temporary Ski Jumps of Yesteryear

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 6, 2009 1:58 pm

After World War II, ski jumping became a publicly recongizable and popular sport.  Travel back in time and enjoy the following stimulating visuals.


1963:  Dodger Stadium

In honor of the Dodger’s 7-4 win last night against the San Diego Padres, our first stop is the temporary ski jump taken in 1963 at Dodger Stadium.  K-Point:  50 meters.

Jump Back to Year:  1938



1938:  Los Angeles Coliseum

K-Point:  80 meters

Jump to Year:  1958



1958:  Empire Stadium, Vancouver

Jump to Year:  1953



1953:  Multnomah Civic Stadium, Portland


Jump to Year:  1954



1954:  Soldier Field, Chicago

Jump Back to Beginning:  1963