World Champion Todd Lodwick Kicks Season Off with a Win in Norway

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 6, 2009 3:17 pm

U.S. Nordic Combined Team skier Todd Lodwick (Steamboat Springs, CO) continued his 2009 winning streak with another gold medal in Lillehammer, Nowway, Lodwick won the Super Sprint title after leading the U.S. team in qualifications. Teammate Nick Hendrickson (Park City, UT) finished sixth, Billy Demong 14th, and Bryan Fletcher 16th.

The race took place as a head-to-head stunner with only Lodwick and Hendrickson making it past the round of eight. Hendrickson was matched against Nordic veteran winner Magnus Moan but was able to beat him with a photo finish to advance to the quarterfinals.

Later, after four head-to-head sprints, Lodwick bested the number one seed, Jonas Nermoen for the victory in front of 1500 Norwegian fans. The excitement continues Sunday as the men compete again in Norway. Check back at the for more information and results.


Photo: USSA