Aspen Ups the Anti On Nonstop Jet Service

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 7, 2009 3:25 pm

As if they didn’t have enough going right at the Aspen Ski Resort, they are now getting increased nonstop air service from San Francisco and Chicago.  Last year Aspen had 2 daily nonstops from Chicago and now this year they will have 3.  Their lift from San Francisco is nearly doubled as well going from 4 nonstops per week to 7 nonstops per week.  This air service is all on United which is the same airline that will keep its 11 daily nonstops from Denver as per last ski season.

Frontier Airlines will also keep its 4 daily nonstops from Denver.  Delta also is flying 8 daily nonstops from Salt Lake City.  It is purported that airfares will be cheaper this year than last.  Whether or not you call Aspen a skier’s paradise or a skiing paradise matters less than it is going to be even easier to get to.

Aspen head honcho, Mike Kaplan starred in an episode of Mogul’s that will air in the fall on The Ski Channel.