Billionaire Skier Attacked By Elephant

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 7, 2009 8:05 am

Tom Siebel the avid skier who in his part time started a little company called Siebel Systems that was sold to Oracle for about as much money as the gross product of Colorado in a year was attacked by an elephant while on safari in the Serengeti last month. 

Seibel said, “It all happened so fast.  There was no place to hide, no place to run.”  Siebel proving that computer software is not the only thing in the pond he swims whiz kid, curled up in a ball and the elephant finally left him alone.  His battle badges though were severe.  Both leggs were crushed and gored and he had crushed ribs. 

He and a guide were watching the elephant from a good distance, but the elephant pulled a Britney Spears (trust us its worthy of following the link) and attacked the guide first and then Siebel.