K2 Skis Now in the Himalaya

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 7, 2009 11:52 am

This fall, K2 Skis is sponsoring two groundbreaking (well not literally) expeditions to some of the most glorious mountains in the world. The first is a “training trip,” where mountaineers will ski Manaslu, after climbing the 8000-meter peak. Next, they’ll venture to the ‘Magic Line, which is the world’s second-highest mountain next to K2.  

The three K2-sponsored mountain guides include Swiss skiers Gian Luck, Adi Schuler and Marco Benz. The athletes are currently making their way to basecamp, and will be skiing on K2´s NEW Backup and Backlight skis.  

The next sponsored expedition has been dubbed ‘Cho Oyu Trinity,’ for which a team will attempt to summit Cho Oyu using two different routes. Next, the mountaineers will ski and snowboard from the top before swapping their gear and running and biking back to Kathmandu! K2 Italy sponsored athlete Emilio Previtali will be snowboarding, and Hervè Barmasse will be skiing using the new Wayback sticks.

The Ski Channel wishes everyone the best of luck on their mondo adventures!