The Beatles Impact To The Ski Industry, Rock Band And Their Remastered Catalog Hits The Shelves

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 7, 2009 8:14 pm

The remastered Beatles CD’s hit stores tomorrow and chaos has already ensued around the world.  Beatles fanatics will likely be spending upwards of $300 to get cherry versions of “She Loves You” and “Back In The USSR”.  Timed to coincide with Viacom’s Beatles’ version of Rock Band, Beatlemanics will get to hear sonics they have never heard before and feel like they are sitting in the control room with George Martin. 

But what we at The Ski Channel think is really cool…I mean REALLY freaking cool is that the Beatles along with Director Richard Lester were the people who introduced something new to the ski world and the mainstream public – the ski bike.  Richard Lester while shooting the ski scenes for the movie “Help” at the ski resort in Obertaurn, Austria shot the Fab 4 — John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Star and George Harrison (sorry Pete Best – we think it was Brian Epstein’s fault) — riding down the mountain on ski bikes.  To make it even cooler those scenes are the first ones people see in the trailer

Lester also has a major ski jumping scene in the movie, some curling, and the Beatles hanging at the resort and on a toboggan run.  Although the toboggan run was not used in the movie, it was used in the press materials.  There was also a horse-drawn sleigh ride, but the Beatles couldn’t be there and doubles were used.

When the Beatles weren’t skiing in the movie, they were all over the Bahamas.  Must have been tough being a Beatle.  So as we come up on the 45-year anniversary of at least what we can say was one of the pioneers or innovators of ski films, The Ski Channel salutes the Beatles movie “Help” for its contribution to the ski industry…the ski bike!