Arbor and Arsonal Join Forces to Produce the Latest 2010 Snowboards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 8, 2009 10:35 am

Culver City is a town historically known for producing the arts.  In the golden age of motion pictures, MGM was based in Culver City and “The Wizard of Oz” was shot on this lot (1922 photo to the left – today Sony Pictures resides here).  The ski and snowboard world is also influenced by creative companies rooted in Culver City, California. 

Arsonal, a Culver-based design company, recently collaborated with Arbor for the third year in a row.  Let the stunning graphics and colors seduce your mind.  Follow the yellow brick road to view the latest creative genius out of Culver — a spectaculor line of snowboards for 2010.

Don’t be fooled.  You’re not in OZ, but it’s possible you’re in snowboard heaven.

I’ve picked a few of my favorite boards from this collection.  Hope everyone enjoys checking them out!  Don’t forget to check out the latest from Arbor and Arsonal.


Artist:  Stina Perrson

A women-specific all-mountain board that’s ideal for lapping the park,

sliding rails, exploring the trees,or cruising the groomers.  A structural
erable wood top gives this board’s soft flex more pop and livelier return.
The directional Eden is about value and independence in the face
of preconceptions.
44  (Specs for 48, 52 & 56)         

Size: 44″

Length: 144″

Effective Edge: 108.2

Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 27.4 / 23.4 / 27.4

Tip/Tail Length: 20.9 / 18.4

Set Back: 2.0

Suggested Rider Weight: Min/ Max: 33-69 kg



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Artist:  Cody Gewertz

A big-mountain gun for riders who want the highest level of
on-edge performance; this directional machine is designed to
lock and hold a deeply carved line, provide tight control in the
steeps, and deliver stability at higher speeds.  An inlaid,
structural wood top pays respect to snowboarding’s surf roots.
58  (Specs for 62, 66 & 70)           

Size: 58″

Length: 158″

Effective Edge: 121.0

Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 29.4 / 24.9 / 29.2

Tip/Tail Length: 21.5 / 19.0

Set Back: 2.0

Suggested Rider Weight: Min/ Max: 57-93 kg


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Artist:  Kevin Smith

When conditions are epic, this powder fish, with its structural
ravenswood top, delivers total float-over, arc-it-in dominance. 
But pure pow days are too few and far between – so this functional
taper-tail is specifically designed to deliver real performance
in mixed conditions and across variable terrain.
59  (Specs for 64)                

Size: 59″

Length: 159″

Effective Edge: 122.5

Tip/Waist/Tail Width: 31.50 / 26.1 / 29.5

Tip/Tail Length: 23 / 17

Set Back: 4.0

Suggested Rider Weight: Min/ Max: 62-98 kg


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The various talented artists—including Dave Kinsey (Westmark), Sylvia Ji (Cadence), Mike Benninghoven (Coda), Joel Lardner (Nighttrain), Dave Gaskarth (Del Rey), Rex Holloway of Rogue Status (Draft), Stina Persson (Eden), Kevin Smith (Abacus), Paul Blastein (Roundhouse), Brian Morris (Element) and Yoskay Yamamoto (Push)—bring a lot to the table.  The few boards highlighted in this article only give riders a glimpse into Arbor.  Take a look at the rest of the 2010 line and let me know your favorites — good luck choosing just one.

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