Station Fire Now at Base of Mt. Waterman: Ski Area Owner “Cautiously Optimistic”

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 8, 2009 9:12 am

When the Station fire first broke out, the possibility of if threatening Mt. Waterman ski area seemed beyond plausible.  But, here we are two weeks later, and the fire has grown to the largest in LA County’s history.  It is now the 10th largest in California’s modern history. 

Implausibility has been replaced by historical giganticness.  The Station fire is now at the base of Mt. Waterman.  The ski area is on the north side of Mt. Waterman, and the fire is at the base of the south side.  I checked in with Rick Metcalf, co-owner of Mt. Waterman and neighboring Kratka Ridge ski areas, to get the latest.

“They’ve got a 300-person crew on top of the ridge, air tankers… they’ve got fire ridges, they’ve got hot shot crews.  All assets are right where we are.  It’s the last piece of the fire they’re battling.  I am cautiously optimistic,” Metcalf told The Ski Channel.

The fire is now listed as 56% contained.  There’s a map of the fire here.

Here’s a picture of Mt. Waterman, California’s great hidden gem resort, from February 2009:

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