Mount Waterman Fire Line Holds, Rick Metcalf Tells The Ski Channel

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 10, 2009 11:16 am

It appears the fortunes of Mt. Waterman could be changing.  With an El Nino year coming, which statistically means a massive winter for Southern California ski areas, LA’s great hidden gem ski area was looking towards an incredible year.  That is until the Station Fire threatened its very existence.  The last uncontained front of the Station Fire has reached the southern base of Mt. Waterman.

But this morning, Rick Metcalf, who leads Mt. Waterman’s ownership group, told The Ski Channel, “It’s a mop-up operation.  The fire threat has been taken care of.  I haven’t gotten the 1000% for sure, so maybe we should hold off with the celebration so as not to mess with Karma.  But, it’s looking really, really good.”

Other news Mr. Metcalf passed along that Waterman regulars will be glad to hear.  A good portion of the west side of Avalanche Canyon burned, clearing trees which will surely make this off-piste area that much more incredible.   As per the charred road to Waterman, according to Metcalf, “Cal Trans is working on the road right now.”

Also, Waterman which ran mostly only on weekends this past winter will be operating during week days this upcoming season.  “When there’s powder, we’re running,” Metcalf said.

Joy of all joys!  Full journalistic disclosure, I love Mt. Waterman.  The terrain of this San Gabriel Mountains’ ski area is Sierra worthy (the bigger mountains to the north where Mammoth Mountain resides).

Time to get hyped up on Mt. Waterman’s prospects for 2009-2010.  Metcalf certainly is, saying, “With El Nino, it looks like we could have a bang-out winter.”

photo below: Warming Hut and top of Chair #1

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