Mount Waterman Has Been Saved, Metcalf Tells The Ski Channel

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 11, 2009 4:43 pm

“The fires out, the mountain has been saved.”

Those were the words of Rick Metcalf, who leads the ownership group of Mt. Waterman ski area.  In all the happiness, Metcalf was quick to give praise to the incredible work of firefighters and Todd Brugger, the caretaker at Mt. Waterman.  “Todd was up there on Saturday when the fire was really bad.  He was fighting the fire with his magic shovel when a firefighter helicopter pilot spotted him and radioed in that there was a guy fighting the fire with a shovel!” 

Shortly thereafter a crew of hundreds of firefighters arrived on the scene to fight the last uncontrolled flank of the Station Fire. 

As for the road, Angeles Crest Highway, Metcalf said that it’s at least two months away from being opened again.  But, once it’s rebuilt?  “I’m just gettin’ ready for a big El Nino Winter!”

Big indeed, check the photo from Waterman’s last El Nino:

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