Whiteout Movie Review

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 12, 2009 8:47 am

When I heard about the movie premise of Whiteout, I thought “hello massive powder shots.”  I thought they have got to do some skiing while they are there.

Once again the movie gets in the way of the skiing.  Well what can a gal to do?  Kate Beckinsale a worthy actress who uses a doctor in same building as The Ski Channel offices, so we see her sometimes. Tom Skerritt and Gabriel Macht round out this South Pole thriller involving a murder mystery and surprise.

It’s a good movie.  The scenes in this sucker are breathtaking and the special effects really hit the severity of weather.  The film was directed by Dominic Sena who made “Gone in Sixty Seconds” as well as “Swordfish.”  Is this film going to win the Academy Award – probably not, but it is a good way to spend the weekend if you go in expecting a reasonable movie going experience.  When you factor in how hard it is to get to the South Pole to see this stuff yourself, it is really easy to appreciate this film.

I made a seat change in the middle of the film and it made a big difference.  I started in the front of the theatre and imagery was incredible.  Then I moved back towards the end of the film and the on screen imagery didn’t pop as much.

But we say checkout Whiteout and go in with an appreciation of what you get to see as opposed to whether the story would carry in the tropics.