Airfares To Ski Resorts Looking Incredible Across The Board This Ski Season

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 13, 2009 10:07 pm

As skiers and skiers Mom’s, Wives, Husbands, et al start booking air for the upcoming ski season, many smiles will likely come to fruition because the fares are so reasonable right now.  “Fares to ski areas across the board seem to be nicely priced right now,” said Airline Representative Darryl Lankin.  “With the fuel prices lower now and because they were lower when the fares were planned, plus the fact that smaller more fuel efficient planes usually fly into the ski resort areas, it really makes for a good pricing situation for the consumer.”

Additionally, many resorts and towns help by subsidizing airlines on those routes.  There are some resorts that basically guarantee every seat on every plane.  When this risk gets taken out of the equation for the airline, it allows them lower the overall prices in the space. 

Aspen, Sun Valley, Mammoth Mountain, Tahoe, Crested Butte, Denver, Salt Lake and Steamboat are all experiencing some great fares.  Of course fares change constantly and there is probably more sensitivity to fuel price fluxuation than in the past couple years when the airlines were all basically caught off guard.  They are more prepared now, but more mindful of just how crazy the fluxuations can be and will probably be more apt to pass on those costs to the consumers quickly.

One victim of the last surge in oil was skis that used graphite.  When oil prices went to the moon, the airlines scrambled to buy lighter, stronger materials and the material of choice was graphite.  The airlines glutenous feeding at the graphite table caused major shortages and huge price increases for anyone using the material.  Some skis that used graphite paid the price.

So great time to book that ski trip now, while you have the great fares.