And The Best James Bond Ski Film Is…

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 13, 2009 11:07 pm

And so we have the James Bond ski film smackdown.  Which Bond film has the best ski scene? Well it comes down to The Spy Who Loved Me versus For Your Eyes Only.  Two masterpieces of James Bondery Roger Moore style.  The Spy Who Loved Me was shot in the Austrian Alps and features Roger Moore getting a call to help her Majesty and having to leave a beautiful, naked double agent who says “Oh James.”  Of course the beauty is playing for the other team and tips off the bad guys who all start tearing across some of the greatest terrain you will ever see. 

James has a very nifty ski pole gun and does a nice backflip in the middle before pulling a full on Shane McConkey and jumping off a gazillion foot cliff.  He flips off his skis and pulls his shoot only to have the canopy be her Majesties flag.  And so the movie starts – yea baby!

In For Your Eyes Only, Bond hits Cortina d’Ampezzo in the Dolomites.  This one starts out with James going off of a giant jump and then gets chased by bad guys on motorcycles with giant spikes on the tires.  Oh it’s scary.  Some good skiing in there and a lot of bullet dodging.  The highlight is when Bond skis across a picnic table at a ski lodge.

So after conferring with our judges Hulk Hogan, Emanuel Lewis and Tanya Harding, it is a 3 to 0 landslide for The Spy Who Loved Me. 

But after careful consideration, we are going to overrule the judges and give the award to a different Bond film or sort of.  We are going to give the award to Shane McConkey in Match Stick Productions Seven Sunny Days.  In Seven Sunny Days, Shane or Shane Bond pulls off the scene perfectly and then taps it out with a double backflip and pops out a MSP canopy on his shoot.  James didn’t have the foresight to wear a Red Bull helmut like Shane.

So congrats to Shane, MSP and Seven Sunny Days!