Bode Miller Plans to Open Winery and Possibly Ski Next Season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 13, 2009 8:26 pm

Bode Miller has had a busy summer post ‘Superstars’ action (a slew of fundraisers and check-ups for pending LASIK surgery), and is currently considering his options. The biggest news, really, is still a consideration: This week, Miller wrote in his Universal Sports blog that he’s enjoyed spending time with U.S. Ski Team athletes and that he’s interested in “bringing along the next group of U.S. racers…so we’ll see what the next couple weeks hold in terms of some decisions for skiing this season.”

Not to play Bode translator but that could mean two things: Miller is either considering skiing again on the World Cup tour and in the Olympics next season, or he’s mulling over a coaching opportunity. Either way, Miller’s post was his first public statement about his future in skiing, and the news is good. U.S. Ski Team Head Coach Sasha Rearick has said he would welcome Miller, and we’re looking forward to learning in which capacity.

Miller also wrote that he’s working on converting part of his New Hampshire farm into a winery, and hopes to distribute his wine in Europe. (Currently Miller has been growing organic produce.)

Wine and Bode Miller back on the World Cup? We’ll drink to that.