Newsweek Reports Lady Gaga Wears Ski Mask at MTV’s Video Music Awards

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 13, 2009 10:43 pm

The entertainment and pop culture news-worthy phenomenon occasionally pops up on my computer relating to the mountain sports world.  Tonight, the quasi-related story hails from Radio City Music Hall.  MTV celebrates the 26th Video Music Awards live from New York City, in remembrance of Michael Jackson and to recognize the best music videos of the past year.

Tonight, Newsweek reports that “Best New Artist”, Lady Gaga, accepted her moonman wearing a bright red lacey ski mask.  Before I comment on the “latest” gossip, I wish to defend that I recorded the MTV VMA’s.  Being a woman of the media, I naturally wanted to watch the tribute to Michael Jackson at the VMA’s this evening.  I especially wanted to view this commemorative occasion since Michael Jackson’s sister, Janet Jackson, performing in her brother’s memory.  However, putting the media aside, I’d like to venture beyond the mountains and state whether you’re a mountain enthusiast or a Jackson enthusiast — Michael Jackson was a revolutionary. 

As Madonna gracefully said tonight, “Long live the King”.  

Back to the ski mask…

Upon hearing of Lady Gaga’s attire, I turned my television back on and pressed fast forward on my DVR of the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards recording.  When I reached the presentation of “Best New Artist” I pressed play in order to witness the pop star, with my own two eyes,  wearing a ski mask on stage.  Newsweek certainly begs the question of mountain authority as Lady Gaga did cover her entire face with a red “lingerie” material…I hate to let you down.  Lady Gaga was hardly wearing a ski mask.  Believe me, I secretly, and now not-so-secretly, wish she was wearing a ski mask.  I’d be intrigued to research a ski holiday with Lady Gaga, but alas, Newsweek has disappointed me.  I’m not as disappointed by Newsweek as I am with Kayne West.  However, I hope most of you are with me as I stand by Taylor Swift.  Beyonce, thanks for letting her come back on stage to finish her acceptance speech. 

In case you missed it, Kayne West stormed on stage and grabbed the microphone from Taylor Swift as she was giving her acceptance speech for “Best Female Video”.  Taylor Swift, after Kayne West’s appauling stunt, I’m inclined to buy your latest CD and invite you to perform in the mountains.  Come on, you sing country.  There’s a lot of country music lovers in the mountains — when’s it gonna happen?