Ski Manufacturers Expect Bigger Season Than Last

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 13, 2009 11:47 pm

In an informal poll taken by The Ski Channel with leaders of ski hardgood and softgood manufacturers, the majority thought that this season was going to be a better sales season than last year. 

Executives cited three main reasons to be optimistic heading into the year.

1)  Snow – the 09/10 ski season could possibly be one of the best on record with an El Nino hitting at the same time that there has been an upcycle of snow over the last couple of years.

2)  Consumer Confidence – last year buyers were scared and pushed off on bigger ticket items like skiers, boots, bindings and expensive soft goods.  Executives feel that the target consumers are going to be a little more confident this year and combined with a hopeful pent up demand from last years lack of buying – they should expect more sales.

3)  Olympics – every 4 years, winter sports like skiing and snowboarding get a big boost of promotion due to the Olympics.  The Olympics also do a great job of promoting athletes, many of which are priorities for the manufacturers. 

Some Execs did feel that the distribution chain will be a little softer as there were some ski pro specialty shops that couldn’t get through the turbulence and some are worried about retailers ability to get credit and to pay their bills. 

But overall, the mood is slightly positive to soundly positive.  Another good sign for things to come!