Sun Valley Film Festival To Showcase Spiritual Flix

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 13, 2009 9:49 pm

Sun Valley the ski resort where Warren Miller parked his teardrop trailer, where Kipp Nelson has thrown cool bash after bash and where coolies like Mats Willander live is having a very cool Film Festival next weekend.  The Sun Valley Spiritual Film Festival will feature 24 films and tons of mingle with cool filmmakers.  These are flims that have the words Dalai and Lama in them.  Festival manager Mary Gervase actually got the motivation after the actual Dalai Lama visited Wood River Valley in 2005. 

The first festival was dedicated to Buddhist Films of all types.  The festival has now migrated to Spiritual Films which means that although you might see Arnold Schwarzenegger walking in downtown Sun Valley because he lives there, you probably aren’t going to see him in any of the films.  I think the rule is that no film with the words “I’ll Be Back” is allowed in.  But what a cool film festival and a great place to have it.

Go to for more info or call (208) 788-9729.