World Champion Lindsey Vonn Reports from Chile: All Systems Go

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 13, 2009 9:10 pm

World Champion skiing superstar Lindsey Vonn reported in her most recent blog entry that the weather in Chile has been a little rough. Vonn and Co. are currently in Portillo for a speed training camp and apparently the snow hasn’t been completely cooperating. There’s been lots of it, and according to Vonn, the snow was a little soft.

“We just need a few cold nights and hopefully the snow will harden up,” Vonn wrote. 

Later, Vonn updated her Twitter status and said that the “snow (was) getting better every day,” and that her training has been “great.” And during a U.S. Olympic Committee press conference Friday Vonn reiterated the point. “It was snowing like crazy when we got here, but since then it’s been beautiful. I’m really happy with how the skis are performing. I’m skiing great,” Vonn said.

Vonn recently signed with Head after skiing on Rossignols for several years. “I’m in a great position for the season and the Olympics,” Vonn said about her recent switch. “It’s definitely a great decision.”

Unfortunately, on Friday Vonn was in bed sick with a bug, but later reported that she was doing better.

Vonn will remain in Portillo until September 20 before traveling with the rest of the women on the U.S. Ski Team to Valle Nevado, Chile. Vonn plans to post videos on her blog at, so we’ll keep you posted as to when that happens. If you’re a ski fan, watching the newest Queen of Speed shred is a legendary experience.