Moonlight Basin Ski Resort Gets New Owner

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 15, 2009 7:59 pm

Well Lehman Brothers finally took it back.  Moonlight Basin, the ultra cool ski and golf resort near Big Sky fell victim to the same type of timing that their brethren Yellowstone Club and Tamarack fell to (only sans the drama.)  The near 8000 acre way cool ski and golf anchored real estate for rich people development founded by Lee Poole needed a bunch more people to shell out major duckies to be able to make the massive debt payments.

The project got at $100 million loan from Lehman Brothers in 2007 and spent a bunch of it on lifts, the main lodge and the first 9 holes of the golf course.  Obviously Lehman’s talents as a resort operator are a little suspect so there is a high likelihood of a sale.  Not too shabby of a time to have a bunch of millions right now. 

The resort loaded with high speed quad’s a six pack and some crazy extreme terrain will hopefully work out all the financial issues and be back on track to finish the development.