Sunday River Ski Resort Going For First East Coast Snow Trifecta

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 15, 2009 7:57 am

Sunday River Ski Resort, the storied bastien of New England mountain sliding that played baby sitter to many including Simon Dumont, is bracing for a big ski season this winter.  They have $3.5 million worth of cap ex going in this season including new beds and flat screens in the rooms.  They are still pining in the glow of last years uber freaky cool Chondola, extended ski times, snow guns and first annual Dumont Cup.  And, drum roll please… they are turning 50 this year.  Lets see in people years, that is $%$#.  I mean is ski resort years, that is #%$#.  I don’t know what the hell I am talking about.

This year Sunday River along with its sister resorts Saturday Creek and Friday Pond…OK I made that up.  This year they believe they are going to be the first East Coast resort to get snow.  Big cocky except that they pulled it off the last two years so the 3rd time is a charm.  Anyhoo word is that the Dumont Cup will be coming back there next year and Sunday River is going to have a great year!  So book now and catch all the cool festivities they will be rolling out in celebration.

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