The Ski Channel on Why Deer Valley Got Ranked Number One by Ski Magazine

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 16, 2009 6:52 pm

For the third year running, Ski Magazine readers have ranked Deer Valley Resort as the best ski area in North America. “We’re happily stunned and we’ll gladly accept this honor,” said Bob Wheaton, Deer Valley Resort president and general manager. “To receive this prestigious accolade three years in a row is just incredible. This award reflects the efforts of our many Deer Valley employees who have a commitment to excellence in everything they do.”

Maybe so, but here’s why we think Deer Valley got first dibs:

1.    The Turkey Chili. It’s really good.

Thick, warm, hearty… The big chunks of turkey fill you up just enough so that you’re sated but not weighed down for more runs. We LOVE it. As does everyone else.

2.    The New Gondola. It’s warm!

Located at Deer Valley Lakeside, the high-speed gondola comfortably carts four folks to the top of Little Baldy Peak (that’s 7,950 feet to you). There are hardly ever any lines and you can park right in front. We especially love the gorgeous wooden interior of the station. It’s pretty Aspen-esque—like your very own ski spa.

3.    Real Silverware. Pretty deluxe!

The ski lodges at Deer Valley are all lovely, complete with fireplaces and plush furniture you can nap in. But the cafeterias also have their own version of luxe: silverware. Forget your usual ski area plastic deals. Eating slopeside at Deer Valley is a fine dining experience.

4.    Fun Terrain. Yup—something for everyone.

Personally, we dig Lady Morgan, which is served by the Lady Morgan Express Chair. Think big bowl with bumps.

5.    Grooming. Lots of it.

If you like corduroy, you’ll like Deer Valley. The resort is known for its cushy runs you can cut through. There’s hardly a better place for the plush stuff.