Phillip Garrido’s Shady, Shady Past Prior To The Jaycee Dugard Lake Tahoe Kidnapping

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 17, 2009 8:19 am

Lake Tahoe has some of the greatest ski resorts in the world and was home to one of the creepiest things we all have seen unfold in a long time, the kidnapping of Jaycee Dugard.  So how does anyone get so warped, selfish and evil that they would do something like this to another person? 

We dug deep here to see if we can make any sense out of this monsters behavior.  He was born in 1951 in Contra Costa which is a San Francisco suberb.  His father said he was a good boy, but had a serious motorcycle accident as a teenager and after that accident a lot changed.  In fact he radically changed as his father put it.  After the accident, Garrido turned to drugs after the accident as well.

He graduated in Liberty High School in 1969 and in 1972 he had his first brush with the law.  He was arrested and charged with sexually assaulting a 14-year old girl.  The girl decided not to testify and Garrido got off.  He then married high-school classmate Christine Murphy.  In that relationship, Murphy stated that he was abusive and when she tried to leave him, he kidnapped her.

In 1976 in South Lake Tahoe Garrido kidnapped Katherine Callaway.  He took her to a warehouse in Rena and repeatedly raped her.  Thankfully, police noticed his car and a broken lock.  When they knocked on the door, Callaway screamed and he was busted.  For these crimes, Garrido was convicted in both state and federal courts. 

During this time period, Garrido told of all kinds of sick and twisted behavior involving watching young females.  In 1977, he was convicted and sentenced to 50 years.  Don’t ask us how, but while incarcerated, he met Nancy Bocanegra who was visiting her uncle in prison at Leavenworth and then on October 5th, 1981 the two love birds were married. Then through the genius of our prison system, Garrido was released in 1988.

Is it possible that the motorcycle accident turned a potential high school teacher, barber or investment banker into this monster?