U.S. Snowboarder Louie Vito Hot to Trot Monday Night

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 19, 2009 9:41 pm

As if snowboarders ever cared about what they were wearing. And this Monday, U.S. Team Snowboarding star Louie Vito will take to the floor (not the half-pipe) in a schmaltzy dance costume on Dancing with the Stars. Forget the baggy ‘boarder pants of yesteryear. Instead of extra fabric with the crotch somewhere near the knees, we’re sure we’ll see Vito strut his stuff in some tighter trousers, and most likely higher-waisted, too. And we’re pretty stoked. Of course, Vito is, too. On his Facebook page he told fans of his time on the dance floor, “It feels nice out there – not gonna lie.”

On Monday Vito will perform the fox trot and salsa with partner and fellow Utahn Chelsie Hightower. Usually, the X Games rider and Grand Prix winner throws double-corked airs, and a new move he plans to drop at the Olympics, the ‘Screwy Louie.” But as he trots his way toward the crystal disco ball, we’re sure he’ll turn up the heat. Vito’s an elite athlete, after all. Regardless, tune in tp ABC Monday at 8. (Yes, there’s Monday Night Football, but we’re the Ski Channel, so forget football.)

And when the time comes, text your vote Vito’s way. 




photo: Craig Sjodin/ABC