Lindsey Vonn Decked Out for Emmys

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 20, 2009 1:54 pm

Lindsey Vonn will be all dressed up walking the red carpet at tonight’s 61st Emmy Awards in Los Angeles.  As the two-time overall (and defending) World Cup champ, she’ll inevitably be asked that most important question.  Who designed your dress?

“It’s really flattering that Tory Burch offered to dress me for the Emmys,” said Vonn. “I’m sure like most girls, I love the chance to get dressed up and look my best, and the dress I’m wearing is gorgeous!”

It is Lindsey Vonn’s first time at the Emmys.  Now that she’s already met her favorite athlete, Roger Federer, she can move on to bigger fish, those known for their well-knownness.  “I can’t wait to meet some stars on the carpet!” 

No reason to fear that Vonn’s priorities have gone Hollywood.  Vancouver is  top of mind for Vonn.  “I’m looking forward to the Olympics and the chance to show America who I am and get them excited about ski racing.”





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