Louie Vito Jibbing & Dancing With Stars, Makes Premiere with Chelsey Hightower

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 22, 2009 9:13 am

Monday night Louie Vito became something other than a snowboarding star riding around in a van down under.  Louie Vito, now a pop culture star, made his debut on “Dancing With The Stars.”

Vito and partner Chelsey Hightower busted two dances, one a foxtrot for No Doubt’s “It’s My Life,” the other as part of a salsa relay dance routine to Sean Paul’s “Get Busy.”  The couple scored a 19 (out of 30) for the foxtrot, good for fourth place.  In the group dance, Vito scored a 19, good for second behind Donny Osmond.  Overall Vito sits in fourth place overall after the first comp.

Of course, since this is pop culture and the resultant herd mentality, jokes were made about Vito’s height (judge Bruno Tonioli called him “a hobbit”) and hair (Judge Len said he was “surprised he could hear the music through all that.”)

Welcome to the shallow end of the pool, Louie.  You’re not among mountain folk anymore.

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