Spin to Win? Nope, Double-Cork for Champagne! Snowboarding’s Newest Halfpipe Trick

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 22, 2009 4:33 pm

For the longest time, the gold medal creed in snowboarding halfpipe has been “spin to win.”  It’s now reached dizzying proportions with riders landing 1260s.  That’s three-and-half head-spinning rotations.  With so much spinning is there much room left in these tricks for style?

Well, before our snowboarding stars begin to look like props on a plane, it looks like the most important trick for the Vancouver Olympics will be a much more visually inspiring maneuver: the double-cork.  Granted, the double-cork does not come packaged with the “spin to win” catch phrase, but creative types can get to work on what is fast becoming the necessary trick for gold at the upcoming Winter Olympics. 

There’s much debate on whether it was Shaun White or Louie Vito to land the first double-cork.  Regardless, this new trick is definitely breaking new ground in the halfpipe.

“It was like the four-minute mile,” says U.S. snowboard coach Ricky Bower. “Once one person landed it, the flood gates opened. Now guys on the Chinese team are trying them.”

Check the video above of Shaun White landing back-to-back double corks at the New Zealand Open, a preview of the mandatory ingredient for all halfpipe recipes in Vancouver.

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