Bode Miller & Sasha Rearick Combine Forces In Hopes of Winter Olympics Success

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 25, 2009 11:31 am

As the snow dust settles from yesterday’s Bode Miller press conference, one thing became clear: Bode Miller is putting his Winter Olympics hopes into the hands of second year U.S. Alpine head coach Sasha Rearick.  What’s the bind, the connection, that has brought Bode Miller back to the U.S. team, healing what was once a fractured relationship?

Like any relationship, it’s about passion.  “We’re two very passionate guys.  Passionate about skiing,” Rearick told The Ski Channel. 

Rearick, who spent six years in the coaching trenches with the U.S. Men’s Ski Team, was the right man to succeed Phil McNichol as top dog and head coach.  Rearick long ago won the respect of Bode Miller, and when the greatest American skier picked up the phone and cold-called the head coach, everything fell into place, quickly.

“After speaking to Sasha, it became obvious that the thing that made the most sense was to just join the team, 100%,” Bode recalled.

After funding for two years his own support system, dubbed Team America, why a return to the U.S. Team now?  According to Rearick, “He (Bode) said he wants to achieve greatness, ‘I haven’t done that.’ “ 

Wow.  The winningest American skier of all time tells Rearick he has not achieved greatness?  Two overall World Cup titles, one of only five men to win World Cup races in all five disciplines (slalom, giant slalom, super G, downhill, and combined), four World Championship gold medals, and an unfathomable 31 World Cup victories, that is not greatness?

Obviously it is, but the one area where Bode Miller has not achieved greatness is at the Winter Olympics.  Even though at the press conference Miller downplayed the Olympic importance in his decision to return to the U.S. Team, I would argue his partnership with Sasha Rearick and the U.S. Team is wholly about finding success at the one venue where winning has eluded the great Bode Miller.  Why else the comment about not achieving greatness?

Miller made it clear yesterday that he will let his actions do the talking from here on out.  The hard work now commences, but unlike in the past, both Bode Miller and the U.S. Team lead by Sasha Rearick are pulling in the same direction.  Everything appears to be in place for Miller’s best chance to add a gold medal to his overflowing trophy room.

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