New Ski Economy Report Is Chalked Full Of Good Numbers

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 25, 2009 9:59 am

The SIA (Snowsports Industries America) released their 2009 Snow Sports Market Intelligent Report today.  The  incredibly comprehensive report card for the industry bucked numerous economic trends and featured some great nuggets of positivitiy.  Let it be the first blip of confidence to motivate people to get out there and spend.

So for the the 2008/2009 snowsport season between equipment, apparel and accessories from specility and internet channels the industry sold $2.8 billion!  That is a freakin “B!!!!”

Hardgoods and equipment carried $760 million.  $1.1 billion in apparel was sold and $951 million in accessories were sold.

The internet channel continued to wiz on brick and motar as they grew 12% in dollars and 23% in units selling a whopping $547 million for the season.  15% of all <a href="” title=”snowboard equipment” alt=”snowboard equipment” target=”Self”>snowboard equipment was sold online.

In demographics, 1 in 14 Americans no consider themselves to be skiers or riders. 14.8 million Americans participated in a snow sport in 2008.  Snowball fighting was not included in the survey.  The average snowsport participant is 30 years old with a college degree and income that exceeds over $100,000.

The survey also found that there is a very deep female pipeline for snowboarding.

Lets push these numbers up for next year.  Go treat yourselves to some new skis or a board.  Grab a new jacket and gloves.  The only way to stimulate the economy is through circulating our dollars.

Plan a couple extra ski trips this year and try to hit a new ski resort or two.

For gosh sakes…Bode Miller is back!