Shaun White Proves The Double Cork is More Than Possible in the Pipe

Posted By: The Ski Channel on September 25, 2009 10:16 am

Until March of this year, no one thought it was possible. No one thought it was possible to pull off a double cork 1080 in the halfpipe. Leave it to Shaun White to prove everyone wrong. In Silverton, Colorado last March, Shaun White figured it out…in 3 days…right after having surgery on his hand. The dude is quite simply a rockstar. Now that Shaun has done it, everyone wants to do it. “It was like the four-minute mile,” says U.S. snowboard coach Ricky Bower. “Once one person landed it, the flood gates opened. Now guys on the Chinese team are trying them.” Shaun is, at this point, the only rider to land back-to-back corks, frontside and cab. In case you’re not sure what the heck a cork trick is, it’s basically a tilted, off-axis spin. So a double cork is 2 rotations–and Shaun did it back to back, so he did 4. This is considered one of those “groundbreaking” tricks that helps keep the sport of competitive snowboarding progressing. There is some debate among us out there that Louie Vito was actually the first to land this trick…but some say he didn’t do a true cork. Some other notable athletes that have conquered the cork include Luke Mitrani, Matt Landley, Danny David, Kevin Pearce and Scotty Lago. Have YOU ever done it??