World’s First Terrain Park “Hip Cutters” Built at Boreal & June Mountain

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 25, 2009 10:46 am

First, for those not hip to what a hip jump is, please see the above photo of a massive hip jump from last February’s Red Bull Snowscapers in New York City.  A hip is a jump with one landing perpendicular to the take off.  In the past, these beautiful monstrosities of terrain parks have been built by the combined forces of snow cats pushing snow and then good old fashioned man-power utilizing the not-so-new invention of the shovel.

The first hip constructed solely by a cutting machine was created by Eric Rosenwald at Superpark 8 in Lake Louise.  But, the first to create a machine solely for manicuring and carving the perfect hip, that honor goes to whom?

On the same week comes word out of two separate locales, June Mountain and Boreal, that this new hip specific machine invention has been created.  We’ll let the two parties battle it out for who was indeed first.  To the rest of us, it need not matter, our reward is bigger and better hips.

June Mountain has been given the honor of World’s First Hip Cutter by Freeskier.

The concept of a hip cutter has been around for years. Today June Mountain becomes the first ski resort to have a completed one.

June Mountain is the sister resort to Mammoth Mountain. They get a lot of hand me downs at June, and some of those hand me downs include pipe dragons. At the start of the summer they had 5 Pipe Dragons. When you are only able to use a single Dragon at a time it leaves 4 sitting, just waiting for a Park Builder to break out a torch and welder and create the dream. The goal was to keep it simple, basically removing the transition from the machine and making it straight.

The Hip Cutter will be able to build bigger hips much faster and be able to maintain them with ease. The new Hip Cutter will be able to cut flat banks and walls as well.

A couple hundred miles to the north in Truckee, the mysteriously named …E- of Boreal posted on the Boreal Terrain Park blog:

Oh man has this been a long time coming.  After a few bumps in the road, I’m super stoked to anounce that fabrication on the BHC (Boreal Hip Cutter) is finally complete.  No more tinkering with the design,  no more re-engineering,  no more bugs to work’s done…done, done, done.    Just in time too for its dedicated snowcat to roll out of the shop from its summer service any day now.  The cutter is ready for a fresh coat of paint and then about a days worth of bolting back on the original cutters, chain and sprockets.




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