Jack Nicholson versus Yogi the Bear

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 27, 2009 6:58 pm

A bear diet consists of 20,000 calories a day and that’s certainly much more than what’s in that picnic basket.  A overly moist spring is being blamed on a lack of berries, and the bears are coming into town for much needed grub.  Aspen residents are bearing (bad pun) the brunt of a tenfold increase in bear sightings.

Thankfully these are black bears, not the grizzly kind, but theses bears are still territorial, and if residents allow the bears to get comfortable in their territory, some serious bear versus human ugliness will be the result.  Hence, the policy of killing black bears when they wander into town.

One hungry bear slid through locked (?!) French doors of Aspen resident Maureen Hirsch.  The bear gave a little give-me-food shove to Hirsch. 

“All of a sudden, the dog started barking frantically,” said Hirsch. “The next thing I know, this head of a bear appears and it was almost mythological. It was coming out of the darkness and emerged. I’m screaming like crazy.

But the thing that went through my head was I have no idea how this bear got in the house and all I know is that I need to get him out. As I turned, all of a sudden the bear pushed me and then I felt the claws on my back,” Hirsch said. “I just kept screaming and moving forward. I flung open the door, and I quickly ran up the stairs.”

The bears are hungry and they’ll be coming over for dinner uninvited.

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