Sammy Carlson wins big air comp at Zurich’s

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 27, 2009 2:58 pm

If you bought stock in Sammy Carlson a few years back, 2009-’10 will be the year it pays back triple-fold.  First off was Sammy C’s incredible segment in TGR’s Re:Session.  A huge highlight of the film, Sammy C stands big among the big boy roster of TGR.

Today over in Zurich, Sammy Carlson took first place in big air comp at  Sammy C oozes style and it was that style applied to his switch double cork 1080 double mute that won him the top prize.  It is the year of Sammy Carlson.  Bank on it. Finals

1. Sammy Carlson
2. Elias Ambuhl
3. Andreas Hatveit
4. Jon Olsson
5. Tom Wallisch
6. Fredtjof Fredricsson
7. Lolo Favre
8. TJ Schiller

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