Treat Williams To Buzz Robert Redfords House For The Women’s Ski Jumpers

Posted By: Steve Bellamy on September 27, 2009 12:35 pm

The US Women’s Ski Jumpers who are embroiled in a legal battle to get into the Olympics in Vancouver had a very successful fundraiser at the Huntsman Estate.  The dinner and auction raised over $40,000 for the girls expenses.  The Huntsman Estate which is  in Deer Valley is on the market for a cool $55 million sits on 63 acres.

Over 200 people attended the event which was supported by local businesses.  Virginia Madsen donated autographed bottles of wine from “Sideways” that went for many $1000′s.  Lindsey Van‘s skis that she used to win the World Cup brought in over $11,000 and the highlight of the night was something very cool. 

Local resident Treat Williams grabbed the mic and auctioned off a dinner and then a flight in his private plane.  “We will gave a great dinner and then buzz Robert Redfords house,” said the famous actor.  That of course also brought in a bunch of money.  No word on Robert Redfords response.